29 June 2010

Tidal Pool

What child, of however many decades residence upon this earth, has not imagined himself shrunk down to a centimeter in height, and become the owner of many grand adventures in a once-small place? This tidal pool, just big enough for my two feet and a place to sit on the edge, became a mighty ocean, and the minnows within leviathans of the deep. Just for a moment. And it was good.

So necessary to leave the absurd, artificial construct of day-to-day life and return to reality once and a while!

08 June 2010

Helen Thomas, an American Media Icon

Now, Ms Thomas, when you suggested that the Jews of Israel "go back to Poland," did you mean to say, to the country of Poland in general, or specifically into the ovens of the extermination camps?

No big deal--just wanted to know.

Oh, and about your hasty evacuation of that "Helen Thomas-occupied" front row and center seat in the White House press room: Are you going back to Lebanon any time soon?

Well Helen, you may not be shy, but you are retiring!

02 June 2010

An Ultimately Dangerous Game

A NATO member, once with aspirations to be accepted as a part of Europe, now looking to the east and currying favours with its former Ottoman Arab subjects.

Slowly, the supposed political advancements of the post-World War II era, and of the post-Cold War era, are dissolving into ancient alliances with future plans.