25 October 2009

Wilderness of Tzin

The Wilderness of Tzin in southern Israel--the Negev Desert. Not a huge area, but if you get out into Tzin on foot, you can wander forever. Or you can step out of time, into the place of prophets and madmen, where God speaks to His mortal creations in a language as clear as the desert night sky. A land of waking dreams and night visions where your every day life can make no claim, and the mundane has no point of reference.


Anonymous said...

Great blog and loved your replies to that article about aliyah! Really very cool. I am making aliyah in the next year myself and have now seen the absolute open arms with which I as an Anglo am being welcomed. Thanks. your replies made me smile. Check out my aliyah blog. You might like it!

דוד נתנאל סיגל said...

Thanks! I truly hope for a great aliyah for you. I have seen over the years how so many do indeed fall in love with Israel, warts and all. Successful aliyah is all around, for those who want to see it.

Shalom u'Vrakha,

דוד נתנאל סיגל said...

BTW, I once lived in the Leeds Jewish community (Shadewell Lane Schul). Half of my Lidian friends are here in Israel now--the rest in London.

I do editing work for translators (usually American-born and raised Israelis, but incapable of writing in their native tongue).