08 November 2009

Sunset reflecting off windows on Mt of Olives

I love to photograph the Mount of Olives from above the Kotel (Western Wall). Probably the most intense boneyard on planet earth. Or maybe they never heard of it in China and India, and that's a lot of humanity. Well, we're certainly aware of the Mount of olives, and maybe to the point of obsession. And some obsessions are good, as I see it. When you figure out what is really important in life, it bodes well to be obsessed, intense, preoccupied even. No point in moping about like a damp rag in a clean-up bucket.

Live! Feel a little anguish, a little pain, yearn for something important to more than just yourself. Very good for the soul.

A remedy that lasts a lifetime, and then some.


Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

I agree! Who wants to live in apathy?
If by chance apathy has gripped our souls, and we
know not what is important...
than maybe we should reconsider and chose to
live a life of postindifference
and feel, and care etc...

I am enjoying your blog,
thank you David!