12 October 2010

Lewy Promenade, Haifa

An artistic rendition of the famous Lewy Promenade (טיילת לואי), next to the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, overlooking the Port of Haifa several hundred meters below.  One of the best high views in an city in Israel.  Surprisingly,  not usually crowded.  The might of the Israel Navy can be seen below, depending which vessels are in port.  Large cruise ships as well.  And the large grain intake and storage facility, Dagon's Silo (ממגורות דגון).  It is in a part of the upper Karmel which abounds in pleasant cafes, sushi bars, a few Chinese restaurants, and lots of general purpose eateries.  A Swiss-French place just opened up.  The area is not at all dominated by fast food, and there is only one low-key McDonalds in these streets, which is not all that crowded compared to the street cafes.  Haifa Cinemateque is here, too, showing art films and foreign films not of the Hollywood persuasion, and Hebrew films.  Very popular.  Boutique hotels are popping up more and more, though the big Dan Panorama twin towers dominate the hotel scene. There is a zoo, which explains the lion-roars on a quiet moment.  The Karmelite subway upper terminus goes down the mountain through shopping and business districts, and ends up at the bottom near the port.  

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